Shut down issue in almalinux 9.4

My system recently updated from 9.3 to 9.4. After the update, I found a strange issue about shut down. When I click shut down, screen gets turned off, but power remains on and when battery goes to zero, system turns off. I observed that my system doesn’t power up the next time, but starts when power supply is connected. This happened many times and then I selected AlmaLinux 9.3 in boot menu, and didn’t faced it there. Feels like it exists only on ALmaLinux 9.4. Anyone have similar issue? Any solution is highly helpful.

Is there any chance that you both, upgraded from ALMA 9.3 → 9.4, and also might have modified the ACPI settings?

What’s weird is the fact that it happens with ALMA 9.4. I wonder if the problem would persist after an upgrade to 9.5.

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t changed any ACPI settings. The issue is there only in Alma 9.4. In case any other details needed, please post it in your reply. Btw Just wanted to know… IS there any way to revert back to 9.3?

@mikefu88 not running desktop version (am running server (one without UI) on real HPE server machine, but faced another strange, but extremely similar to yours, bug (at least I think its a bug).

When I shutdown server while on standard power, than everything is ok. But, when I shutdown while on APU power, than switch power source (APU > standard line) and than I try to boot server, it will not power up. I have to wait approx 2-3 minutes and only than will it power up as usual.

Thats strange.

Looks like this issue is more stranger than mine. Let’s Hope help might come soon!

The system updated to Linux 5.14.0-427.22.1.el9_4.x86_64 and the shut down issue isn’t there in this version.

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