Sig not working on Alama 9 for Glusterfs but works on alma 8

I’m having an issue installing glusterfs on alama 9. I have had some issues on alma 8 where I’ve had to change the repo url to get gluster server to install but that’s ok

On alma 9 I’m trying to install from sig: centos-release-gluster9

But it doesn’t exist:

Error: unable to find a match: centos-release-gluster9

This part works perfectly fine on alma 8 so I’m confused.

Additionally glusterfs-server wouldn’t just install on alma 8 either I had to edit the repo file and put a centos base url in there

Alma 8 has in its extras repository packages that have dnf config to find CentOS SIG repositories (for RHEL 8):

[AL8]$ dnf -q list centos-release-gl\*
Available Packages
centos-release-gluster6.noarch                        1.0-1.el8                         extras
centos-release-gluster7.noarch                        1.0-2.el8                         extras
centos-release-gluster8.noarch                        1.0-1.el8                         extras
centos-release-gluster9.noarch                        1.0-1.el8                         extras

Alma 9 does not have such packages. Either CentOS SIGs do not have repositories for RHEL 9, or Alma has not created configs for them:

[AL9]$ dnf -q list centos-release\*
Error: No matching Packages to list

In other words, the repo config provided by package ‘centos-release-gluster9-1.0-1.el8’ is not quite correct. I suspect that there is no glusterfs-9 built for RHEL 8 and the one you “found” is for actually CentOS Stream 8.

Good for you, if it works on Alma 8.