Snapd problems after recent update

After one of the recent snapd updates (with dnf update), it seems that it no longer works properly. The service starts, but even something like “snap version” sits for a while until it dumps that snapd version is not available. Other snap commands fail, even though the system service seems to be running fine and restarts fine.

Anyone else have this problem? I tried removing and installing again, reboots, etc, with no improvement. Can’t easily try a version or two back as I’m not familiar enough to configure another repo that would have 2.53.1 or 2.53.2 for example.

snap version
snap    2.53.4-1.el8
snapd   unavailable
series  -

Finally found a solution to my issue…apparently it was a snapd/selinux issue. I’m surprised no one else here reported the issue. In any case:

I did the following to get things going again:

dnf install snapd --enablerepo=epel-testing

to get the 2.54.1 version, which resolves the issue.