[SOLVED] - AlmaLinux 8.6 - no updates since September 15th?

when I issue $ sudo dnf upgrade, it says “Nothing to do” and it’s been saying that for over two weeks now.
According to yum history (not sure about a dnf equivalent, I hope it’s okay), the last upgrade was on 09/15. Is it possible that there haven’t been any updates since then? It’s a rather small VPS without a windowing system, but with nginx etc.

$ yum history
Failed to set locale, defaulting to C.UTF-8
ID | Command line | Date and time | Action(s) | Altered

11 | upgrade                                                 | 2022-09-15 11:15 | I, U           |   31 EE

It is a little confusing, because I also have a similar VPS with Oracle Linux and that one has some updates almost always when I try.

Thank you very much
Petr Břeň

You can see the repos at repos
eg. kernels etc.

doesn’t appear to be much going on.

Thank you, Bob!
I checked the repos and indeed, most of the last updates are on 09/13, there are some on 09/23 but I don’t have those packages installed. So I guess my system is okay. Thanks again

RH product errata lists only firefox and thunderbird (at Sep 26) after Sep 15 (for RHEL 8.6).
Rocky Linux (mirror) repos do have those, but for some reason* Alma has not pushed them out yet.

*Could relate to the fact that these Mozilla packages rebase from version 91 to version 102.

Overall, RH did just release beta for RHEL 8.7. Their focus is probably on that. If security vulnerabilities do not show up for 8.6-content, then there is no need to release new updates for 8.6.