[SOLVED] WireGuard with Almalinux 8.4

So I upgraded (a testbench) from CentOS 8.3 to Almalinux 8.4. Works so well it’s nearly “boring” but I have an issue with my Wireguard installation.
This was working in CentOS 8.3 and it was also working on Almalinux 8.3, but it is not working on Almalinux 8.4. The service doesn’t want to start.
“wg show wgtest” gives:

Unable to access interface: Protocol not supported

Could the culprit be:

kmod-wireguard.x86_64      3:1.0.20210424-1.el8_3.elrepo   @elrepo                

Maybe it is not up to date with the running kernel for 8.4?

So how would one go about getting wireguard to run in the most maintenance friendly manner?


So the problem seems to have resolved itself. kmod-wireguard got updated in elrepo and now it is working in Almalinux 8.4.
It’s now broken in CentOS 8.3 but thats another story…

Marking this as solved…

@whoop whoop! Thanks for being part of the community and providing your own solution as well.