Sophos free Antivirus retirement alternative

Not directly a Almalinux related question, but we could share our experiences and learn.

Sophos free antivirus is exit. Old news for many I guess, but my installed version was running on my almalinux box and since it was always running smooth, I didn’t pay attention for news.
A systemctl service : “sav-update.service” started complaining in red letters.
The status was: ‘Failed to download ‘sdds:SOPHOS’: invalid authentication.’

The cause was a faulty login…

The reason:

The only reason i am posting this here is to ask if anyone has found an alternative for ‘sophos free for linuxes’ that we could replace it with.
Yes, I know clamav is the trusted open source virusscanner that is available in the repo’s. However, I was charmed with the sophos on-access service.
Specially if you run a file sharing server like samba or nfs, it has it’s advantages.

If there is something I would like to hear of it. Something with a webgui even better. Why is it so hard to find a software like that for linux I wonder…

Thanks in advance.


I have been surfing the net meanwhile, to see what is happening in linux antivirus land, and I am afraid it is not much…
Correct me if I am wrong, but all the big ones, sophos, esset, comodo, bitdefender, the ones known to build linux antivirus wares, seem to be at the point to outsource their linux products, or at least their ‘free’ products.
All in the same timeline, with which I mean now. In 2022.
Some have an ‘end-of-life’ support till 2023, but that is it. Am I missing something here?

It almost seems like centos support has started a global ‘hype’ with their december 2021 new product strategy.

Well, if that is true, good old clamav is the last real option isn’t it?

Our company is using forticlient as anti virus anti malware and vpn solution. It is not free but combined with all suite Fortinet it is a great program

Thanks Sauron-le-noir.
It is a good tip. Also thanks for your input, since you are the only one.
It leaves me with questions. Was no one virus scanning on linux but me and you? Where 80% of the internet is linux?

Well ok. I guess for my needs that leaves clamav.
With all respect, it is a good scanner for manual scans triggered by a cron job.

I found this, it seems very practical instructions:

According to forums, with a lot of configuration tricks it is even possible to create a live scan daemon for it. Just, it is nasty to get through all that stuff.
I hope the wosub instructions can help others as well.