Starting postgres

I installed the default postgres with a dnf install.
psql -V gives me a version, but if I try to do anything else it appears the server is not running.
I thought it would be easy to start with something like systemctl start postgres, but none of the obvious names work and I can’t find a .service file for postgres
How am I supposed to start postgres?

doesn’t systemctl start postgresql.service as root work?

what version of postgres and almalinux?

are you sure you installed the server (dnf install postgresql-server) not just the client?

systemctl list-unit-files | grep -E 'post|sql' may help guess the service name.

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I didn’t expect dnf install postgresql to just install the client, so the issue was that I had only installed the client. Installing the server has sorted it.

Thank you

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Yes, the postgresql is in multiple packages. Alma 9 has version 13 in the appstream repo.
Shown by : dnf list postgre\*

However, there is also Application Stream for postgresql in the appstream repo.
By default, its packages are not visible for dnf list/install. The stream shows in

dnf module list

There is now postgresql 15, but it has support only to May 2028. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal

On a guess that the name of the service file starts “post” and obviously ends with “.service”, we can ask:

dnf provides */post\*.service

and that should reveal name of relevant(?) package(s).

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