Strange Boot Process

Have a server running Centos 8 before the stream change. I think my drive 0 (root) went bad. That’s the only thing on it.

Funny thing is that when it doesn’t boot Centos, I get an AlmaLinux 9.2 install screen! There is absolutely NOTHING plugged into the server other than this single drive. No CD, no USB devices, not even a network cable. Where the hell is an AlmaLinux 9.2 install process coming from?

And if I try to troubleshoot or pretend to install it complains about “Unable to mount root fs”

Let me be clear: I’m not asking for help resolving this since I’m sure it’s a dead drive. Just for my own curiosity wondering where in the world that AlmaLinux install is coming from!!

Could you have like, accidentally dded an AlmaLinux 9.2 install image over drive 0 instead of onto a USB device as you intended?

It’s a brand spanking new drive. That’s why I’m confused!

If the drive’s the only available boot media, the Alma installer has to be coming from there, and I can’t imagine a new drive would’ve shipped with the Alma installer written onto it.