Suggestion for WSL Edition

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place.
When I first installed it, an update like the one below came and what caught my eye was grub. I think there is no need for Grub ve kmod in WSL. It can be removed from the list. I’m not sure for dbus, systemd and dracut. but I’m sure systemd isn’t running, I don’t know if it will work in the future.

AlmaLinux 8 - BaseOS                                                                    1.2 MB/s | 2.7 MB     00:02
AlmaLinux 8 - AppStream                                                                 2.2 MB/s | 8.6 MB     00:03
AlmaLinux 8 - Extras                                                                     24 kB/s |  18 kB     00:00
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                               Architecture     Version                               Repository           Size
 almalinux-release                     x86_64           8.6-0.1.el8                           baseos               24 k
 audit-libs                            x86_64           3.0.7-2.el8.2                         baseos              122 k
 bash                                  x86_64           4.4.20-3.el8                          baseos              1.5 M
 binutils                              x86_64           2.30-113.el8                          baseos              5.8 M
 crypto-policies                       noarch           20211116-1.gitae470d6.el8             baseos               63 k
 crypto-policies-scripts               noarch           20211116-1.gitae470d6.el8             baseos               82 k
 cryptsetup-libs                       x86_64           2.3.7-2.el8                           baseos              487 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib                        x86_64           2.1.27-6.el8_5                        baseos              122 k
 dbus                                  x86_64           1:1.12.8-18.el8                       baseos               40 k
 dbus-common                           noarch           1:1.12.8-18.el8                       baseos               45 k
 dbus-daemon                           x86_64           1:1.12.8-18.el8                       baseos              239 k
 dbus-libs                             x86_64           1:1.12.8-18.el8                       baseos              183 k
 dbus-tools                            x86_64           1:1.12.8-18.el8                       baseos               85 k
 device-mapper                         x86_64           8:1.02.181-3.el8                      baseos              376 k
 device-mapper-libs                    x86_64           8:1.02.181-3.el8                      baseos              408 k
 dmidecode                             x86_64           1:3.3-4.el8                           baseos               91 k
 dnf                                   noarch           4.7.0-8.el8.alma                      baseos              540 k
 dnf-data                              noarch           4.7.0-8.el8.alma                      baseos              154 k
 dnf-plugins-core                      noarch           4.0.21-11.el8                         baseos               70 k
 elfutils-debuginfod-client            x86_64           0.186-1.el8                           baseos               70 k
 elfutils-default-yama-scope           noarch           0.186-1.el8                           baseos               49 k
 elfutils-libelf                       x86_64           0.186-1.el8                           baseos              228 k
 elfutils-libs                         x86_64           0.186-1.el8                           baseos              294 k
 expat                                 x86_64           2.2.5-8.el8                           baseos              112 k
 gawk                                  x86_64           4.2.1-4.el8                           baseos              1.1 M
 glib2                                 x86_64           2.56.4-158.el8                        baseos              2.5 M
 glibc                                 x86_64           2.28-189.1.el8                        baseos              2.2 M
 glibc-common                          x86_64           2.28-189.1.el8                        baseos              1.3 M
 glibc-minimal-langpack                x86_64           2.28-189.1.el8                        baseos               60 k
 gpgme                                 x86_64           1.13.1-11.el8                         baseos              335 k
 gzip                                  x86_64           1.9-13.el8_5                          baseos              166 k
 hwdata                                noarch           0.314-8.12.el8                        baseos              1.7 M
 info                                  x86_64           6.5-7.el8                             baseos              197 k
 iptables-libs                         x86_64           1.8.4-22.el8                          baseos              106 k
 iputils                               x86_64           20180629-9.el8                        baseos              147 k
 jq                                    x86_64           1.6-3.el8                             appstream           201 k
 json-c                                x86_64           0.13.1-3.el8                          baseos               40 k
 kmod-libs                             x86_64           25-19.el8                             baseos               67 k
 libarchive                            x86_64           3.3.3-3.el8_5                         baseos              359 k
 libblkid                              x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos              217 k
 libcap                                x86_64           2.48-2.el8                            baseos               73 k
 libcom_err                            x86_64           1.45.6-4.el8                          baseos               48 k
 libcomps                              x86_64           0.1.18-1.el8                          baseos               81 k
 libdnf                                x86_64           0.63.0-8.el8.alma                     baseos              704 k
 libfdisk                              x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos              251 k
 libffi                                x86_64           3.1-23.el8                            baseos               36 k
 libgcc                                x86_64           8.5.0-10.el8.alma                     baseos               79 k
 libibverbs                            x86_64           37.2-1.el8                            baseos              384 k
 libmount                              x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos              234 k
 librepo                               x86_64           1.14.2-1.el8                          baseos               92 k
 libseccomp                            x86_64           2.5.2-1.el8                           baseos               70 k
 libsemanage                           x86_64           2.9-8.el8                             baseos              167 k
 libsmartcols                          x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos              177 k
 libsolv                               x86_64           0.7.20-1.el8                          baseos              374 k
 libssh                                x86_64           0.9.6-3.el8                           baseos              215 k
 libssh-config                         noarch           0.9.6-3.el8                           baseos               18 k
 libstdc++                             x86_64           8.5.0-10.el8.alma                     baseos              452 k
 libtirpc                              x86_64           1.1.4-6.el8                           baseos              111 k
 libuser                               x86_64           0.62-24.el8                           baseos              413 k
 libuuid                               x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos               96 k
 libxml2                               x86_64           2.9.7-13.el8                          baseos              695 k
 make                                  x86_64           1:4.2.1-11.el8                        baseos              497 k
 openssl                               x86_64           1:1.1.1k-6.el8_5                      baseos              708 k
 openssl-libs                          x86_64           1:1.1.1k-6.el8_5                      baseos              1.5 M
 pam                                   x86_64           1.3.1-16.el8                          baseos              738 k
 passwd                                x86_64           0.80-4.el8                            baseos              114 k
 platform-python                       x86_64           3.6.8-45.el8.alma                     baseos               84 k
 platform-python-pip                   noarch           9.0.3-22.el8                          baseos              1.6 M
 python3-dnf                           noarch           4.7.0-8.el8.alma                      baseos              544 k
 python3-dnf-plugins-core              noarch           4.0.21-11.el8                         baseos              239 k
 python3-gpg                           x86_64           1.13.1-11.el8                         baseos              243 k
 python3-hawkey                        x86_64           0.63.0-8.el8.alma                     baseos              116 k
 python3-libcomps                      x86_64           0.1.18-1.el8                          baseos               51 k
 python3-libdnf                        x86_64           0.63.0-8.el8.alma                     baseos              777 k
 python3-libs                          x86_64           3.6.8-45.el8.alma                     baseos              7.8 M
 python3-pip-wheel                     noarch           9.0.3-22.el8                          baseos              892 k
 python3-rpm                           x86_64           4.14.3-23.el8                         baseos              154 k
 rdma-core                             x86_64           37.2-1.el8                            baseos               58 k
 rpm                                   x86_64           4.14.3-23.el8                         baseos              542 k
 rpm-build-libs                        x86_64           4.14.3-23.el8                         baseos              156 k
 rpm-libs                              x86_64           4.14.3-23.el8                         baseos              344 k
 rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit            x86_64           4.14.3-23.el8                         baseos               78 k
 rsyslog                               x86_64           8.2102.0-7.el8                        appstream           751 k
 sed                                   x86_64           4.5-5.el8                             baseos              297 k
 shadow-utils                          x86_64           2:4.6-16.el8                          baseos              1.2 M
 sudo                                  x86_64           1.8.29-8.el8                          baseos              925 k
 systemd                               x86_64           239-58.el8                            baseos              3.6 M
 systemd-libs                          x86_64           239-58.el8                            baseos              1.1 M
 systemd-pam                           x86_64           239-58.el8                            baseos              482 k
 tzdata                                noarch           2022a-1.el8                           baseos              473 k
 util-linux                            x86_64           2.32.1-35.el8                         baseos              2.5 M
 vim-minimal                           x86_64           2:8.0.1763-16.el8_5.13                baseos              574 k
 virt-what                             x86_64           1.18-13.el8                           baseos               35 k
 which                                 x86_64           2.21-17.el8                           baseos               48 k
 yum                                   noarch           4.7.0-8.el8.alma                      baseos              205 k
 yum-utils                             noarch           4.0.21-11.el8                         baseos               72 k
 zlib                                  x86_64           1.2.11-18.el8_5                       baseos              101 k
Installing dependencies:
 cpio                                  x86_64           2.12-11.el8                           baseos              265 k
 dracut                                x86_64           049-201.git20220131.el8               baseos              375 k
 gettext                               x86_64                        baseos              1.1 M
 gettext-libs                          x86_64                        baseos              312 k
 grub2-common                          noarch           1:2.02-123.el8.alma                   baseos              892 k
 grub2-tools                           x86_64           1:2.02-123.el8.alma                   baseos              2.0 M
 grub2-tools-minimal                   x86_64           1:2.02-123.el8.alma                   baseos              210 k
 kbd-legacy                            noarch           2.0.4-10.el8                          baseos              481 k
 kbd-misc                              noarch           2.0.4-10.el8                          baseos              1.5 M
 kmod                                  x86_64           25-19.el8                             baseos              125 k
 libcroco                              x86_64           0.6.12-4.el8_2.1                      baseos              112 k
 libgomp                               x86_64           8.5.0-10.el8.alma                     baseos              206 k
 libkcapi                              x86_64           1.2.0-2.el8                           baseos               48 k
 libkcapi-hmaccalc                     x86_64           1.2.0-2.el8                           baseos               31 k
 os-prober                             x86_64           1.74-9.el8                            baseos               50 k
 systemd-udev                          x86_64           239-58.el8                            baseos              1.6 M
 xkeyboard-config                      noarch           2.28-1.el8                            appstream           782 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 glibc-gconv-extra                     x86_64           2.28-189.1.el8                        appstream           1.5 M
 glibc-langpack-en                     x86_64           2.28-189.1.el8                        baseos              833 k
 grubby                                x86_64           8.40-42.el8                           baseos               48 k
 hardlink                              x86_64           1:1.3-6.el8                           baseos               29 k
 kbd                                   x86_64           2.0.4-10.el8                          baseos              390 k
 kpartx                                x86_64           0.8.4-22.el8                          baseos              113 k
 libxkbcommon                          x86_64           0.9.1-1.el8                           appstream           116 k
 memstrack                             x86_64           0.1.11-1.el8                          baseos               47 k
 pigz                                  x86_64           2.4-4.el8                             baseos               79 k
 shared-mime-info                      x86_64           1.9-3.el8                             baseos              328 k

Transaction Summary
Install  27 Packages
Upgrade  97 Packages

Total download size: 69 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y```

Thanks for the suggestion. I will share this with the rest of the team.

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@winfried Let us know the list of packages you are able to remove and still have a stable system. We will review and consider it for our next release.

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