Support for Postgres V14.x

cPanel does not support the latest Postgres versions as they say they only support the versions automatically distributed with AlmaLinux8 which only go to V9.x

When will Alma update Postgres to include V14.x in the distro?

Any help appreciated.


Not true, it has 9, 12, and 13:

# dnf module list PostgreSQL
CentOS Stream 8 - AppStream
Name                                            Stream                                      Profiles                                                Summary                                                                 
postgresql                                      9.6                                         client, server [d]                                      PostgreSQL server and client module                                     
postgresql                                      10 [d]                                      client, server [d]                                      PostgreSQL server and client module                                     
postgresql                                      12                                          client, server [d]                                      PostgreSQL server and client module                                     
postgresql                                      13                                          client, server [d]                                      PostgreSQL server and client module

notice: 10 is now EOL.

Probably in a future version 8.7… or 8.8…


Thank you for this clarification

Alma 8 gets an another “stream” if and when Red Hat adds one to RHEL 8.

According to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal

  • postgresql 9.6 and 10 were released with RHEL 8.0 in May’19 and did/will EOL Nov’21 and May’24, respectively
  • postgresql 12 was released with RHEL 8.1.1 in Feb’20 and will be supported all the way, to May’29
  • postgresql 13 was released with RHEL 8.4 in May’22 and will EOL May’26


  • postgresql 13 has appeared into CentOS Stream 8 in Feb’21
  • there is no postgresql 14 in CentOS Stream 8’s repo yet

Therefore, I would not expect the 14 into EL8 in near future.

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Thank you for the detailed information!

Is AlmaLinux 8 based off CentOS Stream?

See this response from cPanel:

“cPanel supports the version that gets installed with the /scripts/installpostgres command. On an AlmaLinux 8.6 server I just tested this with, that is version 9.6. Any other versions of that software may work, but would not be supported by cPanel or guaranteed to work with the cPanel interface tools.”


Red Hat develops CentOS Stream 8. Then they branch from that codeline at some point a separate line for a RHEL point update, which they refine further until they release the point update (and continue to add critical fixes on that line until they release the next RHEL point update – from new branch).

Red Hat releases the open sources that they build RHEL packages from. Alma is built from those same sources (of RHEL). Alma aims to be bug-for-bug compatible with RHEL. The CentOS Stream is not bug-for-bug compatible with any version of RHEL.

The cPanel apparently has no interest (currently) to support anything but Postgresql 9.6 (which is already EOL, unsupported) on RHEL 8. Therefore, the cPanel looks like a security liability to me.

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Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: