Thunderbird 78 to 91

I upgraded yesterday and TB was changed from 78 to 91. All my local emails have disappeared and I can’t receive from mailx. I think this is because TB has dropped support for mailmove. Can anyone confirm/suggest a workaround please?

@MartinR sorry, but I cannot think of anything. I use Thunderbird to check my personal email but on Windows. I have never heard of mailmove.

I have nothing to suggest, sorry.

You wouldn’t want mailmove on Windows. On *nix systems there has been a mail system since the early 1970s which delivers mail messages to the various users, including system reports to root (or root’s representative). DOS and later Windows are essentially single user systems whereas *nix have always been multi-user. Mailmove allows TB to read UNIX mail, without it you would need to run something along the lines of Dovecot to serve it as POP or IMAP. Anyhow, don’t worry too much, I’ve given up on TB after the best part of 20 years and am now using GNU Evolution.