Trouble with Mirrors

Hi All,
There seems to be an issue with returning a defunct mirror in the UK?

From our systems the mirrorlist returns the following as the top hit$basearch/os/

Which is is returning 404

This is casing dnf-makecache to throw a hissy fit.

Also no longer seems to be listed on mirrors-almalinux-org nor does the site have a browsable AlmaLinux mirror

I presume it’s removal on the dnf mirrorlist has been overlooked?


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Might be worth it trying sudo dnf makecache, I’m not sure though.

Looks like their mirror does not have almalinux. Also, as I can check it has already been removed from mirrorlist

dnf clean all should fix it right up.

Sounds like your system cached it as a mirror while it was working, and the mirrorlist has since removed it since it broke, but systems keep dnf caches longer than the mirrorlist.