Ugly UI of Alma Linux

Dear All, The google chrome of UI is very ugly. As you can see from the image, the title bar takes up almost half the screen. Is there any method to fix it?

I had sent the resolution using xrandr -s 0

Please help. Thanks a lot.

The postman application cannot evern display its full image.

AlmaLinux does not provide “google chrome”.

There are two possible window managers: Wayland and X11. The display manager is GDM.
The GNOME desktop environment has both normal and Classic layout.
The Classic on Wayland is probably the default combo. I never even install the Classic.

The randr does not work with Wayland, AFAIK.

While desktop environment does offer some layout config that the applications can share, it is ultimately up to the applications, what UI do they have.

Any solution to this problem?