Upgrade 8.8 to 9.2 using leapp (does not boot into Elevate-Upgrade-Initramfs)


we are currently preparing a new dedicated server.
The hostingprovider doesn’t provide an 9.x image to install on the server, so we are trying to install 8.8 and upgrading with leapp.

the preupgrade script works fine, also the upgrade script (no errors) but on reboot, the server will not boot into the correct grub entry.

grubby --default-title reports the ELevate-Upgrade-Initramfs
the grubenv file has the …-upgrade.x86_64 entry as saved_entry

As far as i can see, the initramfs and vmlinuz files have been generated and in /boot/loader/entries an conf file hinting the upgrade exists.

But everytime i reboot, the server boots into the installed 8.8 system.

Does anybody have an idea?

Kind Regards


Seeing the exact same issue. Curious if this will get fixed soon.

Could not fix it by my self but found a workaround for hetzner dedicated server to install 9.x directly

For anyone interested:
in rescueconsole copy the almalinux9.x image to another place and rename it to almalinux-89.tar.gz … this way the hetzner installimage tool allows you to install the image.

you have to change the bootorder with efibootmgr after the installation.


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I’m having the same issue. I tried to do what you suggested but it didn’t work. It’s still booting into AlmaLinux 8.
This is what I did:
The images are mounted via NFS in /root/.oldroot/nfs/images
cd /root
mkdir images9
cp /root/.oldroot/nfs/images/Alma-92-amd64-base.tar.gz images9/
cp /root/.oldroot/nfs/images/Alma-92-amd64-base.tar.gz.sig images9/
cd images9/
mv Alma-92-amd64-base.tar.gz Alma-89-amd64-base.tar.gz
mv Alma-92-amd64-base.tar.gz.sig Alma-89-amd64-base.tar.gz.sig
ln -s Alma-89-amd64-base.tar.gz Alma-8-latest-amd64-base.tar.gz
rm images
ln -s images9/ images

When I rebooted (I was still in AlmaLinux 8) I had this EFI configuration:
BootCurrent: 0000
Timeout: 1 seconds
BootOrder: 0000,0001,0002,0003,0004,0005
Boot0000* AlmaLinux
Boot0001* UEFI: PXE IPv4 Intel(R) Ethernet Controller (3) I225-LM
Boot0002* UEFI OS
Boot0003* UEFI OS
Boot0004* UEFI OS
Boot0005* UEFI OS

What is the correct boot order here to boot into AlmaLinux 9 and finish the installation?
I guess Boot0002-5 are from different attempts but what are those entries?


Update: we wrote Hetzner and they answered: “only Alma Linux 8 base is supported on the AX102. Please make use of it instead when using the installimage script.”