Upgrade AlmaLinux 8.6 to AlmaLinux 9.0

Is it possible to upgrade AlmaLinux 8.6 to AlmaLinux 9.0 with dnf or smiliar or do I need to make a fresh install from ISO? Thank you.

Fresh install. The Alma 9 is essentially a different distribution than Alma 8.

The ELevate tool might at some point support in-place conversion from 8 to 9, but IMHO fresh install is a way more clean approach.

I’ve been watching and hoping for the same.
To be able to upgrade from 8.6 to 9.

Redoing servers from scratch isn’t really a feasible option for some of us.

Here is one link about upgrading RockyLinux 8 to 9.

I tried on a VM. I successfully upgraded RockyLinux 8 to 9.

However, be very cautious upgrading a live production machine.

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How about this guide: https://techviewleo.com/how-to-upgrade-to-almalinux-9-from-almalinux-8/