Upgrade from Centos 8 with Thinlinc and Mate desktop

I had a test machine set up, a Lenovo Tiny, with Centos 8 and the Cendio Thinlinc software (ThinLinc downloads | ThinLinc by Cendio) that allows it to be a terminal server on my network. Thinlinc is free for up to 5 users, and has client software for Linux, Mac and Windows. I also had Stenstorp’s MATE desktop installed on the Lenovo Tiny (stenstorp/MATE Copr) and working on Centos 8 so that I could use MATE on the console and the terminals. I followed the AlmaLinux install procedure as found here: GitHub - AlmaLinux/almalinux-deploy: EL to AlmaLinux migration tool.. The installation went flawlessly, rebooted, ThinLinc and MATE needed no tweaking and came up immediately when lgging in from a terminal, and I am typing this from one of the terminals with a Mate desktop. Attached is a screenshot from the terminal with this window open on Firefox.

Congratulations to AlmaLinux, you did a terrific job.

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