Upgrade path from RC to final release?

I have a number of servers that I installed using the RC1 installation media and package repositories; I was wondering if there is an easy upgrade path for these servers to the final release version of AlmaLinux 8.3, or if I will need to re-install from scratch using the newly-available ISOs etc.?

You just need to update OS as usual via dnf update and you’ll get AlmaLinux 8.3 Stable.


Perfect, thank you very much.

Just be a bit careful with machines having other operating systems installed. I’ve been running a VM on my main machine and it made the beta → stable transition without a hitch. On a laptop however I’ve been booting from a USB stick and when the upgrade went through it noticed Windows, and then corrupted the root filesystem on the stick. Not sure why, I just rebuilt using a network install and it’s happy now.