Upgrade to 9.4 breaks udev rules?


I have multiple systems running Alma (different hardware, but all running same ansible deployed install).

Across all systems, I’ve had the same failure with udev rules after upgrade to 9.4

The udev rule is to rename a usb network device to another name. The file in question is /etc/udev/rules.d/99-persistent-name.rules and the content is:


This worked fine from Alma 9.0 thru 9.3 but after upgrading to 9.4 it no longer fires at boot. I can manually trigger the rule to run using udevadm test /sys/class/net/<devicename>, but cannot get it to fire automatically at boot.

I’ve determined that somehow its the kernel, if I set default kernel to the latest 9.3 using grubby, then everything works as expected. So somehow, the latest 9.4 kernel prevents the udev rule from working?

Can anyone offer any help on how to further resolve this so this udev rule works with 9.4 kernel?