Upgrading from centos 7 with cpanel to AlmaLinux broken

So i decided to uograde a server frim centos 7 to AlmaLinux the precheck had completed with no issues logged so we continued the process. While upgrading the server did its reboot as it normally does, but thebsystem never came back on, we looked at the console and saw a error showing it was not bootable and then another error showing the drive was not found the systen then goes into emergency mode, has anyone else experianced this, any advice on a fix. Also when we boot from the kernal before thr upgrade the system boots normally so we know the drive isnt broke

I highly doubt any panel would support a major OS upgrade in placeā€¦

I agree, I would never do an in place upgrade of something so complex like cpanel. I actually did this exact thing last year, I spun up a new almalinux 8 server to replace our centos7 and then migrated the data over to the new server. It required a bit of manual finessing but it was successful. I know its a lot of work but it seems far easier than chasing down gremlins caused by an inplace upgrade