Very high load average after in-place upgrade to Almalinux

After in-place upgrade from CentOS 7.9 to Almalinux 8 our load average has doubled or tripled. Currently, we have 6 cores and everything was fine until we did this upgrade.

After analysing with tools such as: top, htop, mpstat, perf top, vmstat and nmon I’ve noticed that we have more than high system process running and I have no idea why.

Our server has large number of user accounts with many cron jobs running under each user. So after the upgrade we can see a lot systemd --user processes being spawned (it looks like these are spawned when cron jobs run).

I have found this link where it gives solution but because I don’t have RHEL subscription I am not allowed to view the solution. How to avoid RHEL8+ from spawning "systemd --user" instance on user login - Red Hat Customer Portal

This has been sorted, it was missing package which caused crons to start but wasn’t successful. After install the missing package which was “php-pecl-memcache” in our case.