Vim 8.2 Window resize

AlmaLinux 9.2 running on Workstation 17.0.2 using the terminal in gnome from the console.

Running vi ALWAYS resizes the terminal window from the top of the screen to below the bottom (can’t see last line). When I quit vi I have to drag the window down, resize the height and move it back. Of course running vi just makes it act up again. Earlier versions of vi never did this.

I’ve looked all over for a solution, but since I don’t know what the problem is called, it’s tough to find an answer. Seems to me this should be a one-line item in can put in my .vimrc file.



Hi jmr,
Have a look at this article, I suspect your vimrc has the window size defined.

Thanks. Helpful, but the article doesn’t address the issue. I DO NOT want to force a vim window size: I’m trying to prevent vim from re-sizing the gnome terminal window. Doesn’t anybody else have this issue? It’s easy to reproduce: Just run vim from the console!

Your vim may be using a default rc file that your platform provides, or it may be set inside a plugin you use.

Use :verbose set columns? and :verbose set lines? to see if and where it is being defined.

That being said, :help lines and :help columns indicates there is some automatic logic around this. Maybe post to the Google group for vmi at, there are a lot of talented folks there.

DAMMIT!! That was so freaking obvious I completely overlooked it!! Sure enough it was in my home .vimrc that I had copied from another installation.
Thank you!!