Virt-who rpm not available for AlmaLinux8


Is it normal that virt-who rpm is not in repo (AppStream)?
Available in RedHAt repo and also for Rocky ( Index of /pub/rocky/8/AppStream/x86_64/os/Packages/v/ )

Thank you

why would you need virt-who on a non-rhel server? its purely for managing a redhat subscription (although you could say that about subscription-manager which is packaged)

We run Foreman(aka RedHat Satellite on AlmaLinux(migrated from CentOS) server, that manage a RedHat hosts subscriptions on some clusters with RedHat DataCenter licenses

hmm, you may be knackered then as its one of the specifically removed packages:

are you sure you need to have virt-who installed on the foreman box though, i thought they removed the dependency in the satellite 6.6 days.

Thank you, didn’t see thoses pages for a removed packages

Yes, after enabling a virt-who plugin in Forment, it generate a deployment script, where you can see( here is a part of a script):

compose_install_command() {
  $1 packages unlock
  $1 advanced procedure run packages-install --packages virt-who --assumeyes || result_code=$(($result_code|32))
  $1 packages lock

install_virt_who() {
  if `rpm -q satellite-maintain > /dev/null`; then
    compose_install_command satellite-maintain
  elif `rpm -q rubygem-foreman_maintain > /dev/null`; then
    compose_install_command foreman-maintain
    yum install -y virt-who || result_code=$(($result_code|32))

step 1 "Installing virt-who"

that failed to:

Running ForemanMaintain::Scenario
Install packages:                                                     [FAIL]
Failed executing yum -y --disableplugin=foreman-protector install virt-who, exit status 1:
 Last metadata expiration check: 1:19:15 ago on Tue 13 Sep 2022 01:00:30 PM CEST.
No match for argument: virt-who
Error: Unable to find a match: virt-who

Personally i’ve already managed it by installing rpm from Rocky repo, but i don’t like this way

if you want a bit of a convoluted way to build an alma8 rpm of virt-who you can do this (might need a few more dependencies installed):

sudo dnf install python36-devel git scl-utils-build rpm-build
git clone
git clone
chmod a+x centos-git-common/
export PATH=$PATH:/where/you/cloned/centos-git-common
cd virt-who
rpmbuild --rebuild virt-who-1.30.12-1.el8.src.rpm

that should create ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/virt-who-1.30.12-1.el8.noarch.rpm