VirtualBox AlmaLinux 9 second network adapter not working

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I am trying to run AlmaLinux 9 in a Virtualbox VM on a Mac. I added two network interfaces, one NAT interface for internet access and a host-only network for ssh connections. The NAT interface is working fine, but the second interface is disconnected.

nmcli command describes the second interface as disconnected.

the nmcli dev connect enp0s8 command returns connection activation failed

nmtui does not show the second NIC.

If I switch the networks around in VirtualBox, AlmaLinux only sees the host-only network and does not see the NIC for the NAT network.

It is working in AlmaLinux 8

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why not try qemu. It work like a charm

sounds like a virtualbox issue, not an almalinux one, i suspect you’ve not connected the virtualbox nic.

qemu-kvm works with 4 nics at least that i’ve tried, although not on a mac - and i use bridging not nat/hostonly which are always unreliable.

Hi all, a late update for this issue.
I use VirtualBox 6.1.50 on a Windows 10 Host. I have several virtual guest with different Ubuntu Versions an some guests with AlmaLinux 9.3. All VMs use a Host-Only-Network with static IP-Address and the NAT Adapter for Internet Access. All Ubuntu VMs work well with this configuration.
The AlmaLinux 9.3 VMs require a restart of the Host-Only-Network-Adapter after boot to get an working NAT-Adapter with Internet Access. Once restarted, also the Internet connection via NAT works fine.
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