Virtualbox needs kernel modules rebuilt after each restart

Hi forum
I’ve been using CentOS (up to 7) hosts and Virtualbox for very many years.
Now trying to use AlmaLinux host with windoze 10 as guest.
Every time the host is restarted (cold boot), the virtualbox needs the kernel modules rebuilt before the Vbox guest can be launched.
Yes, I’ve installed the dkms package too.
How do I get these kernel modules to stick between cold restarts ?
This works so well using CentOS 7, and I’m real keen to make it work in AlmaLinux too.
TIA’s for any tips or clues.

Is it always a new kernel version when you reboot? That would explain the need for compile.

I’ve only used livbvirt/KVM, which do not need extra builds.

No, its the same kernel after each reboot.