Virtuozzo Container Support for ELevate

Hello AlmaLinux,

first of all, thank you very much for your great work and dedication! :slight_smile:
We happily use AlmaLinux in both our virtual machines and Virtuozzo Containers.
Distribution upgrades within VMs, such as from AlmaLinux 8 to 9, are now really feasible thanks to your Elevate tool.

However, unfortunately, there is currently no way to upgrade within Virtuozzo Containers. While Virtuozzo itself provides tools to upgrade CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 - almaconvert8 (10.5. Converting Containers with almaconvert8 | Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 User's Guide), there is no way to upgrade containers from AlmaLinux 8 to AlmaLinux 9.

Now, I wanted to ask if you might see a way to support Virtuozzo Containers in Elevate?
This would significantly simplify the lives of many Virtuozzo administrators … :slight_smile:

Perhaps you see a possibility in this direction? :wink:

Thank you very much, best regards from Tyrol