Where are these security updates announced?

Where is a similar/equivalent announcement as Rocky? Still having a hard time understanding the difference in announcements from these 2 popular CENTOS replacements.

You can find these on this website: https://errata.almalinux.org/

If you prefer email notifications, you can get those by registering for the announce mailing list here: Info | announce@lists.almalinux.org - AlmaLinux List Archives

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks Benny. I am (and was) subscribed to the announce and security lists. Maybe just asked a little soon. After looking harder, it appears Rocky was late on some of them. For example, when looking for firefox from the Rocky 7/2 announcement, I though Alma missed it, but then I saw on the Alma errata webpage firefox *3955 was announced by Alma about 2 weeks earlier. Good for Alma. And if I’m understanding it correctly, Rocky’s recent 7/2 release announcement of *3995 qumu-kvm is not as current as the recent Alma’s 7/3 *4467 version released yesterday.

Just trying to get my comfort level up on who’s releasing what and when, security wise. To date, it appears Alma is doing better.

Again, if I’m understanding these correctly.

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