why for some packages Almalinux 8 is not providing debuginfo and devel rpms?

for some rpms/packages debuginfo and devel rpm’s do not come from upstream for AlmaLinux8, like dnf, basesystem etc.
AlmaLinux is not providing devel & debuginfo rpms of such these packages from upstream, and for some packages there are only devel rpms are there like for almalinux-release but debuginfo rpm is not available in official repo of alma 8,
whereas for some packages debuginfo rpms are present like for acl rpm but devel rpm is not available, so we want to know why Alma community is not creating or providing devel & debuginfo rpms for such these rpms.

debuginfo only exist for packages providing binaries (library, application)

So “noarch” package, with only scripts or data files (ex: dnf) don’t have.

It won’t make sense to provides empty debuginfo packages :wink:

For acl, you have:

  • acl (binaries)
  • acl-debuginfo (of the binaries)
  • acl-debugsource
  • libacl (the library)
  • libacl-devel (headers of the library)
  • libacl-debuginfo (of the library)

Nothing is missing.

P.S. don’t know why people expect a 1-1 mapping between package and debuginfo, question raise various time recently (IRC…), perhaps because of a lesson or some bad online resource…

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