Will not boot after updates

Fresh install of AlmaLinux will not boot after updates - BIOS message about no bootable device or operating system.

  1. Install AlmaLinux
  2. Update all packages (coming from CentOS so I been using yum)
  3. Reboot

You do not even get to grub menu showing kernels. Been running AlamaLinux for few months on this server and was just doing updates and killed it. I reinstalled again and did a yum update and it broke again, exact same way, so it is reproducible.

Not sure what is killing it, I assume a grub problem. I found https://www.reddit.com/r/CentOS/comments/i0ozrs/cant_boot_in_after_latest_kernel_update_for/ which seems similar, but 11 months ago, so we tried it - and I get same problem user Joeg1484 got. Gave up and just not going to install updates.

HI @Wumbeer, this seems like it could be an upstream bug. Can you please report this to https://bugs.almalinux.org so that some of the devel team can take a look at it?

Done. Thanks for the reply @jack