Window list is disabled

Hi All,

I’m using AlmaLinux 9.2, I do not have toolbar and I noticed that window list is disabled (alt+F2–> type lg).
Is there anyway to enable it in Alma Linux 9.2.


AlmaLinux 9.3 is already out, so 9.2 is EOL, isn’t it?

The Looking Glass does open on 9.3 (Xorg session) for me. (I did not even know about it before.)

Thanks for yor help @jlehtone,
I will try to see if I can update from AlmaLinux 9.2 to 9.3 without re-installing.


dnf up should work for that.

That is the design philosophy of Alma (and RHEL) – that you can install “9” once and then just install available updates. Although, third-party content may require some additional consideration.

(That said, it is good to have a “fresh install, deploy config, restore data” procedure for incidents, like machine breakage.)

Thanks @jlehtone for your helps,
I tried to update using dnf update and it is updated to AlmaLinux 9.3 (although some packages did not update.) but still tool bar did not show up.
Maybe it would be better to have a “fresh install, deploy config, restore data” procedure.