X86_64-v3 for AlmaLinux 10?

Has there been any discussion about whether or not AlmaLinux 10 will also target x86_64-v3 as RHEL10 does? Really just curious, not sure I have much of a bone to pick here or not. EL9 will be around for a good long time.

If RHEL 10 moves to the x86-64-v3 baseline, I expect AlmaLinux 10 to do exactly the same, by default. If it doesn’t, I’m leaving the boat. It’s nice to add things and to fix bugs not fixed upstream, but I expect the relevant features to be observed religiously, so to speak.
But I’m not aware of RHEL9 targeting x86-64-v3. It wouldn’t make sense, as it would require an upgraded gcc. So, if RHEL9 stays v2, I assume AlmaLinux will do the same.

Red Hat blog https://developers.redhat.com/articles/2024/01/02/exploring-x86-64-v3-red-hat-enterprise-linux-10#compatibility_impact notes that there are now third-party software that has “manually tuned AVX and non-AVX code paths” that can drop the non-AVX path when they target RHEL 10. If some el10 would run without AVX, then such software would not run on that system. While it would in principle be the user’s choice to use non-x86_64_v3 system, it would nevertheless be confusing and against the “if it runs in RHEL, then it runs in Alma” compatibility goal.

Nobody does (nor should) even think about such change in el9. There are (many?) el9 systems that do not support x86-64-v3, so “upgrading” glibc in them would break the installations.