Yum Update Failed

I was on AlmaLinux 9.2 and I ran yum update. The update failed, but I thought it rolled back successfully. After restarting my computer, it no longer boots and I get a blank screen after the GRUB loader runs. I rebooted a second time and edited the boot command to successfully get into single user mode. However, when I try yum history (to also try yum downgrade), I get an error that ‘yum command not found’. I did try to cd into /usr/bin and did a ls and no yum command is listed.

How can I rollback the last yum update from single user mode if yum is not available in single user mode?


/usr/bin/yum → dnf-3
/usr/bin/dnf → dnf-3

Try invoking dbf-3 instead of yum or def. Your problem may be as easy as recreating the (symbolic) links.