Zimbra official support

Hi guys.
My company is running Zimbra as their MDA for a long time, and I was waiting Synacor (Zimbra’s company) to announce official support to RHEL clones before migrating, because we are enterprise clients and we could need support from them. We already migrate almost all our Centos machines to Almalinux.
Today I found out they have support of Rocky Linux in Beta announced, but why not Almalinux too? If it works on Rocky, should work on Alma!

I think many other people run Zimbra and would like to use Almalinux as their OS, so could Almalinux guys contact Synacor to consider Almalinux too for another official OS?

Have you, as enterprise client, made feature request to Synacor? Surely your money is a good incentive?

Yes, but my point is that many people who run Zimbra could be encouraged to use almalinux, since zimbra as a very popular solution. It would be something that would benefit the Alma community, not just me.
If I was only interested in my problem, I would use Rocky or even RHEL and problem solved, but I think if Alma was a official suported OS, the interest will grow.