Zoom Client issues on Redhat & Alma 9

Hi wonderful people, I have a doubt:
Does everybody have issues with the zoom application with the latest rpm package or the snap?
Zoom version :
In Redhat and Alma 9 I got this error:

Testing for explicit PulseAudio choice...
...and PulseAudio has been explicitly chosen, so using it.

I understand this is related to the pipewire audio stuff.
But I don’t find a solution to this, also I created an issue ticket on GitHub for the people in charge of the snap zoom client maintenance. Link here : Error with PulseAudio · Issue #120 · ogra1/zoom-snap · GitHub .

If someone has any idea about how to fix this I will appreciate it. Thanks!

Depends on what the “latest rpm” is. I’ve used zoom- rpm on Alma 9 (which the Zoom site describes as “for RHEL 7.0+”.

I have not noticed any problems/messages, but then again, I don’t use audio (and don’t have camera either) on computer.

Sorry, my bad, I talking about the current version:

I use Version: 5.11.10 (4400) “rpm (for RedHat 7.0+)” also from their website which works without issues.

SELinux settings could be the problem - advise regarding correct settings would be good.

I disabled the SeLinux, that is not the problem.

I disabled the SELinux, too but I dont think thats a good solution I would expect instructions somewhere about how to modify SELinux settings at least for common software - but thats another topic and wont solve your problem.