Understanding Kernel versions. 427.22 vs 427.20 Rocky vs Alma

Old CENTOS user. New to Almalinux. I’ve been monitoring release announcements from both Almalinux and Rocky. Rocky seems to be ahead by a version on the Kernel. Should they be the same, if both are mirroring RHEL?

Rocky currently has:
My base Almalinix up to date has:

Roughly, but each project may take a different amount of time to publish a given kernel update. Additionally, AlmaLinux have at least once released a kernel (5.14.0-362.24.2) which is not in RHEL, and I believe the Rocky project are too committed to “bug-for-bug” compatibility to do that, so in such cases there would also be a difference in what the latest release of a given package would be between Alma and Rocky.


I was also once a sysadmin on CentOS 7 :slight_smile:
And now it turns out that you can install several different packages with different kernel versions - in AlmaLinux the kernel from Rocky Linux and vice versa :slight_smile:
In practice there is no point in this - usually the general problems remain. For example, I have 5.14.0-427.22.1.el9_4.x86_64 (it is already in the AlmaLinux repository), like previous versions, they do not display loading messages.

Loading messages? Is it that you want to remove rhgb and/or quiet from your kernel command line?

Of course, both parameters have been deleted :slight_smile:

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